Food and Wine Tours of Southwest France

Personalized Tours

We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" travel experiences and neither should you. Our aim is to provide the most personalized and unique experience possible. Every tour we give is never the same because it is based on YOU. With the exception of a few must-try foods, the rest is built around what you're curious about tasting.

We offer small group food and wine tours in both Bordeaux and Biarritz. Each tour is limited to 8 people and has a slightly different focus to emphasize the unique offerings of either historic Bordeaux or the rich diversity of the French Basque region. In Bordeaux, our Old Town tour offers a little bit of everything and includes charcuterie from one of our favorite butchers. Our cheese and wine masterclass gives you a thorough overview while including a visit to the city's oldest bakery. Our Biarritz tour showcases the unique French Basque country and gives you an in-depth look at what makes this region so special. Please read the tour descriptions for a detailed overview of what each offers. 

If you're coming to Bordeaux or Biarritz but don't see your preferred dates available, feel free to send us an email to about additional dates and possibilities.

Why We're Different

You'll be sampling the best of French food with an incredibly knowledgeable guide. Did you know that a baguette is some of the worst bread in France and you should be asking for something else? Or that there are seasons for cheese? Would you like to have someone walk you through the regions of French wine? Our guides can do this because they are food professionals - former chefs, food writers, and wine experts - not a student who has memorized a script.   

Through rigorous testing and vetting, we have selected only the highest quality shops to showcase some of the best France has to offer. Among our purveyors are the bread baker for many of France's Michelin star restaurants, a cheesemonger who ages her own cheese, and a wine bar that emphasizes biodynamic wines. These are artisans who put a lot of heart and thought into what they produce, and you’ll sample that dedication through their cheeses, pastries, bread, and charcuterie.

What to Expect

The tour is roughly divided into two halves. The first half takes you to the highest quality artisanal shops of the neighborhood. You are mostly standing or walking while sampling along the way. The second half is a sit down, blow out tasting accompanied with copious amounts of wine. Tours last approximately 3 to 3.5 hours. Tasting portions are very generous and double as a meal for most people. There is often food leftover, which you are welcome to take home with you.


Founded by Diane Rovner, Bordeaux in Bites is the culmination of over 15 years in food publishing and tourism. Her food career started at the late, great Gourmet Magazine working under Ruth Reichl before spending several years at Saveur.

Leaving New York for Paris, Diane discovered the wonderful world of food tours where she got to share her knowledge with curious and hungry travelers. For the last several years, Diane has worked with Paris by Mouth, the city's preeminent tour company. During her time in France, Diane fell in love with Bordeaux and has made it her mission to help visitors discover the Southwest's culinary gems.

Most recently, Diane was featured in the cookbook World Food: Paris by James Oseland, for which she was a contributor.    

Photo for World Food: Paris by James Roper

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